Baošić is a small touristic destination in the Herceg Novi municipality in the Boka Kotorska bay. Ot is only 10km away from Herceg Novi old town and 40km from a city under the protection of Unesco: Kotor. For those who wish to visit the cities in the Bay of Kotor, as well as the must see Perast islands, as well as the modern marina in Tivat called Porto Montenegro, which can be done with the car, but as well as by a tourist boat that stops at the nearest beach. Every day around 10AM small boats are going to the beaches outside of the bay: Žanjice, Mirište, Dobrec, Blue cave (Plava špilja) and the Austro Hungarian fortress on the island Mamula. Baošić itself has sandy, pebbles and concrete beaches, suitable for small children, because it has nice entrance with small slope into the sea. During the summer season, at the local open pool, along famous waterpolo games between local clubs, there is very often visiting theatre with different children's theatre plays. Kids can learn how to sail in the Jovo Dabovic sailing school. If you want, we can organize kayaking, paddle boarding, pedal oats ot paragliding.

Along the coast there are various cafes, but also a couple of excellent restaurants. Our favourite with the fantastic offer of fish specialities, as well as pastries and pizzas is on just 200m away from the apartments Sijerkovic.

Baošić is otherwise best known for the wonderful manifestation Feast of Mimosa (Praznik Mimoze), which celebrates Mimosa flower that flourish during the witer and it is held every year on the first Saturday in in February.

Herceg Novi is the city of the Mimosa tree but also of various festivals.

For all cultural manifestation visit, and our recommendations are:

  • Praznik Mimoze - first Saturday in February
  • Hercegnovske Aprilske Pozorišne Svečanosti - in April
  • Sea Dance Festival - mid July -
  • Hercegnovski Filmski Festival - in the first 10 days of Avgust -
  • Guitar Art Summer Fest - end of month Avgust
  • Electronic Festival Refresh - beginning of the month Avgust